About Us

Welcome to 32Events

Events are about bringing people together to share in a unified idea or vision. Whether for charity, business, social, or celebration, 32Events is an event management agency that can help bring clarity to any occasion.

Through our extensive experience creating and coordinating events (and attending LOTS of them!) we’ve learned on a comprehensive level what works and what doesn’t. The most primal of these components isn’t a fancy booth or business card gadget (although those are great too). We believe the most important aspect of event planning is, in fact, your expectations.

Our goal isn’t to perform magic on stage and finish with a bow. We care about events and approach them as collaborations, with you, our client (not our audience). Our aim is to keep you in complete control by providing education on event marketplace and culture.

Together we’ll create a comprehensive outline of your essential details and goals. We’ll show you how to determine and act on these must-have components and we’ll follow through to see that each of them is achieved seamlessly.

Naturally, our top priority is executing your event flawlessly. But even more than that, 32Events is about bringing it back to that unified vision, and supporting it with confident, purposeful management. To learn how we can make a real impact in your events, contact us today.

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